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Global Knowledge announces industry-leading Security Learning Solutions and Services Program

Structured program with services and educational solutions to successfully adopt a security strategy and implement Security solutions

Cairo (Egypt)-22 May 2014 - Global Knowledge, the world's leading IT-, Best Practice- and Business Skills training provider, today announced the availability of an industry-leading Security Learning Solutions and Services program as part of their unique Business Transformation Portfolio.

Security skills are essential for organisations of any size looking to ensure the greatest levels of protection are defined and implemented to address the rising threat of information security breaches. Cybercrime is one of the many constantly evolving challenges requiring both IT security professionals and employees to have an increased business and technology awareness.

Protecting an organisation begins with ensuring the employees are prepared to assist in keeping computers and networks safe. The best security technology in the world can't help, unless employees understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting company resources. This involves putting practices and policies in place that promote security and training employees to be able to identify and avoid risks.

To support organisations with the Security adoption and implementation, Global Knowledge launched their Security Learning Solutions and Services Portfolio, a structured program that provides customers and channel partners with a range of services and educational solutions, which enables an organisation to successfully adopt a security strategy and implement Security solutions.

"Today's hackers are no longer satisfied by simple business disruption with the desired outcome to now generate a monetary return", says Jeff Wheeldon, EMEA Business Development Director at Global Knowledge. "We now find that hackers will plan and develop a strategy over long periods of time, building up a portfolio of intellectual property relating to the targeted enterprise.  Importantly we have seen a shift in the point of entry from technology weakness to human behaviour and the business employee being the Trojan horse. Our Security Learning Solutions and Services portfolio addresses both the technology importance and the human behaviour to create a 360 degree secure business approach."

Global Knowledge is unrivalled in the depth and breadth of both vendor specific- and vendor agnostic training resources. Skills assessment tools and an EMEA footprint through proven consultancy and learning methodologies provides every type of organisation the level of support they need to successfully select and implement the optimal set of Security competencies for their environment, therefore delivering increased value to their business and maximising the returns from their Security investments.


About Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is a world's leading IT and business training provider. Offering the most relevant and timely content delivered by the best instructors, we provide customers with their choice and convenience in class times, delivery methods and formats to accelerate their success. With thousands of courses that span foundational and specialized training and certifications, our core training is focused on Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Avaya, VMware, Red Hat, business process improvement and leadership development.

Founded in 1995, Global Knowledge employs more than 1,300 people worldwide and is headquartered in Cary (United States) and EMEA headquarters are in London (United Kingdom). The company is owned by New York-based investment firm MidOcean Partners. Learn more at

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