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Global Knowledge Signed Partnership Agreement With CNet Training

Cairo (Egypt)-18 February 2014 - Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT and business training, and CNet Training, the world's foremost data center and network infrastructure training organization. Today announced a partnership in the area of data center training in the Middle East.

Hence Global Knowledge will deliver CNet's training programs in the Middle East, aiming to satisfy the increasing demand for unique data center programs delivering industry recognized certifications. By this partnership, all enterprises looking to increase the skills and knowledge of their data center professionals will receive high quality training in which Global Knowledge is committed to provide.

In the world of high competitiveness where the data center infrastructure plays integral part of whole organization performance and where very high levels of data center professionals are needed to adopt the new in data center technology. Here comes a positive partnership between Global Knowledge and CNet that will allow both organizations to expand their reach to the addressable market by employing their expertise, resources and innovation to deliver best practice data center skills, and knowledge to their respective customers.

On the one hand, Global Knowledge will complement its training portfolio and will differentiate its position among the rivals in the Middle East. On the other hand, CNet Training will complement its reach in the Middle East via Global Knowledge's facilities and resources, and therefore will diffuse its unique data center training programs across the region.  

About Global Knowledge:

Global Knowledge is the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training. Global Knowledge delivers via training centers, private facilities, and the Internet, enabling its customers to choose when, where, and how they want to receive training programs and learning services.

About CNet:

CNet Training is recognized as the world's foremost data center and network infrastructure training organization. Established in 1996, since CNet has established an enviable reputation for the quality of the courses they provide and has gained great recognition for their forward thinking approach to data center training, education and industry recognized certification.