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Job Role Related Training for Data Center

There are many teams within an organisations IT department and all will need to work together to ensure that the IT infrastructure functions efficiently and effectively, allowing the business to achieve its full potential.

 Data Center Job Roles

Developing formalised training plans for a specific job role can be a daunting task as it is important that soft skills are considered just as much as the more obvious technical requirements.

Global Knowledge's experience in developing multi-vendor training plans, either on a consultancy or best practice basis ensures we can bring together the key components for your organisation.  

 Certified Data Center Job Roles

 Job Role Channel Partner  Enterprise Company
Data Center Sales Specialist  Yes  No
Data Center Pre-Sales Engineer  Yes  No
Data Center Design Engineer / Network Design Engineer   Yes  Yes
Data Center Service Desk/Network Administrator (1st Line Support)  Yes  Yes
Data Center Support Engineer/Field Engineer   Yes  Yes

For more in-depth information about the Data Center Job Roles, please visit our Recommended Training for Specific Data Center Job Roles


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