Building an Effective Business Case

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In this course, you'll learn the most common disciplines and methodologies used to create and present a business case with clear, concise, and fact-based arguments that highlight project benefits, costs, and risks to win approval for projects. You'll learn the underlying structure and content of a business case as well as the role your audience plays in the development of it. Further, you'll learn basic techniques for determining financial ROI, non-tangible benefits, and the probability of meeting expectations.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.


1. Business Case Process

  • "Business case" defined
  • The business case and system life-cycle decisions
  • The business analysts' role in the business case process
  • Competition for funds
  • Understanding the organizational need

2. Defining the Business Case Problem

  • Identifying problem/opportunity
  • Problem statement
  • Product vision
  • Objectives and constraints

3. Exploring Business Case Solutions

  • Measure the benefits of alternatives vs. the business objectives
  • Testing identified solutions for feasibility
  • Analyzing solution definitions
  • Assessing project risks

4. Creating The Business Case

  • The "ideal" business case
  • Business case structure/components/benefits
  • Executive summaries
  • Adding value with powerful objective statements

5. Financial Metrics

  • Governance: What you need to know
  • Business alignment
  • Accounting/financial principles
  • Summarize the risks and ROI
  • Cost of ownership

6. Presenting the Business Case

  • Explain the business problem
  • Show the change expectations
  • Discuss how and why the "viable alternatives" were selected
  • Understand hot topics and pain points of your audience


  • Key elements of a business case document and presentation
  • How to justify the investment to solve a business problem in a clear, concise, fact-based manner
  • Basic financial metrics used within a business case, including feasibility studies and ROI analyses
  • Ways to improve the odds of project approval
  • Steps to prove your recommendation is "best"
  • A step-by-step development process to create a business case

Target Audience

Business analysts, project managers, anyone who establishes business cases, and anyone who provides business justification for projects.

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