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Certification Update - MCSD/MCSE Recertification Exams

Microsoft Learning has completed its review of recertification options, and will be releasing recertification exams over the next several months.

Between August 2014 and March 2015, recertification exams will be released for all MCSE and MCSD specialties, starting with MCSD recertification exams in the August - September 2014 time frame.

Recertification exams will cover material from the exams taken to originally earn the credential, with particular emphasis on the most recent product and process changes.  Exam details will be available from the Certification Planner tool at least one month prior to release. 

Recertification deadlines for all MCSE and MCSD credential holders will be examined and adjusted, if needed, to ensure that these individuals have at least six (6) months to prepare and pass the recertification exam.  Please note that, if you do not recertify by the recertification deadline, your certification will become ‘Inactive’. Once a certification becomes ‘Inactive’, all requirements must be completed again to earn the certification.

For more information please contact us on 02 2269 1982.