MCSE SharePoint Server 2013

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Get Started with a SharePoint Certification

SharePoint 2013 makes it easy for people to stay connected, access files anytime and maintain messaging security. Get certified as an MCSE in SharePoint and earn recognition for your expertise in helping a company organise, sync, collaborate, and share information across the organisation.

Recommended training and required exams

You can now satisfy the prerequisites for pursuing MCSE Sharepoint certification by having either MCSA: Office 365 or MCSA: Windows Server 2012 

installing and config windows server 2012 M20410plusAdministering windows server 2012 M20411plusConfig advanced windows server 2012 services M20412 ORManaging office 365 M20346plusEnabling Office 365 services M20347

plusCore solutions of MS sharepoint server 13plusadvanced solutions of MS sharepoint server 13  equal  mcse-sharepoint 

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