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Future-proof your BI expertise by earning the MCSE: Business Intelligence certification—your gateway to the skills and techniques needed to design, build, and deploy solutions that deliver more data to more people across the organisation. SQL Server 2012 is the cloud-ready information platform tht enables mission critical confidence, breakthrough insight and scalable business solutions on your terms; from server to private or public cloud.

Choose your path: BI Professional or DBA and prepare to advance your credentials with career-building, "mission critical" information solutions. 


Required Courses 

mcsa-sql-server-2012  plus  mic-exam-466  plus  mic-exam-467  equal  mcse-business-intelligence-certification


Need to upgrade your certification?

MCITP_Business_Intelligence_Developer_2008  MCSA arrowMCSA_20457MS_plusMCSA_20458MS_plusMCSA_20460MS_equalsMCSE Business Intelligence


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