Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program Enhancements

What is new in the Cisco 360 Learning Program for Routing and Switching update to version 5.0?

New, enhanced capabilities to the Cisco 360 for CCIE R&S v5.0 update include:

Fully virtual, Cisco IOS on Linux (IOL) based delivery of configuration and troubleshooting labs.

Now all labs in the R&S program performance assessments, workbook labs and VoD technology practice labs are virtual, and can be scheduled and accessed directly from within the Cisco 360 portal.

Similar to the v5.0 exam environment and complexity,it includes support for Cisco IOS Software Release 15 M and T.

Virtual rack rental.

Workbook and Technology Practice Labs available in the lessons on demand, now include virtual rack rental of Cisco 360 IOL platform. Students no longer need to purchase the lab equipment and put it together, or rent the racks separately. Initial purchases of content will come with enough rack rental hours to perform the labs at least once. Additional rack rental time is available for purchase through Cisco Learning Partners or through Cisco Learning Network Store.

Four new lessons on demand are available to support the exam topics update to v5.0.

Each lesson will come with a technology practice lab andvirtual rack rental of Cisco 360 IOL platform.

Updated Content for exam topics v5.0.

All components of the Cisco 360 program performance assessments, workbook, instructor-led workshops, lessons on demand, reference library are aligned to the exam topics v5.0. Please refer to the dates below on Cisco 360 R&S v5.0 content availability.

Cisco 360 for CCIE R&S continues to offer unique tools that help students prepare and assess their readiness for the CCIE Lab exam. Performance Assessment labs include a grading report, a detailed answer key and an interactive Mentor Guide that compares student's configurations with master configurations. All 11 performance assessment labs are now full scale and include troubleshooting and configuration portions.

Workbook labs come with new self-verification tips and are designed to help students with self-assessment of exam readiness.

When will it be available?

The majority of Cisco 360 R&S content became available in January 2014 to give students ample time to prepare for the CCIE Lab exam v5.0. Components included in the January 2014 release were:

  • Workbook with 10 full scale (troubleshooting and configuration) labs, answer keys and new self-verification tips. 100 hours of virtual rack rental is included. 
  • Advanced workshop 1 (CIERS1) content and all labs updated to exam topics v5.0. 
  • Advanced workshop 2 (CIERS2) content and all labs updated to exam topics v5.0. All CIERS2 labs are now full-scale (troubleshooting and configuration). 
  • Four new lessons on demand. Topics include VPN, Security, Infrastructure and Network Services. Each lesson comes with a technology practice lab and10 hours of virtual rack rental is included. 
  • 11 full-scale performance assessment labs. Each lab comes with a grading report, a detailed answer key and an interactive Mentor Guide.

The remaining components of the Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE R&S - reference library, additional 10 Workbook Labs, updates to existing lessons on demand - became available on the 31st March, 2014.

What and how can I purchase the program components?

A full selection of Cisco 360 v4.0 and v5.0 products is available through Global Knowledge. 

What is the subscription Transition Policy for version 4.0 to version 5.0?

Cisco 360 program continues to offer high-quality learning products for an 18-month subscription. When v5.0 is released, all active students with v4.0 products will retain content rights and will gain equivalent v5.0 content with an additional 6 months added to their subscription balance. Active students with prior purchases of v4.0 products can enjoy the benefits of new v5.0 content, new features like IOL platform and virtual rack rental, and free attempts of new v5.0 performance assessment labs. Please note that v4.0 content has been retired on June 4, 2014.

More information on the differences between v4.0 and v5.0 can be found in this pdf.
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