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Global Knowledge Management Team

Meet our key executive, regional and business line managers.

At Global Knowledge, we hire the best industry professionals who can innovate to run our local and international business and satisfy the increasing demand of our customers.

Egypt & North Africa Management

Maged Habashi

Professional Services Manager

Hatem Ezzat

Financial Manager

EzzEldin Fakhry

Sales Manager

Mohamed Abdel Fatah  

Operations Manager

MEA Management

Wael Khattab

Managing Director - MEA

Essam Shafik

Operations Director - MEA

Iman Farouk

Resourcing Manager - MEA

Katharine El Charif

Financial Controller -MEA

Ahmed Soliman

Marketing Manager - MEA

Prasad Pillai

Remote Labs Director - MEA

Mohamed Assem

Networking Product Manager - MEA

Bahaa Salem

Application Product Manager - MEA

Yaser Reda

IBM Product Manager -MEA

Mohamed AlAttar

Networking Business Unit Manager - MEA

Sherif Habib

Application Education Manager - MEA

EMEA Management

Paul Renucci

President - EMEA

Andy Boyle

Chief Financial Officer - EMEA

Peter Howell

Operations Director - EMEA

Kevin Addington

IT Director - EMEA

Rene Van Der Zeeuw

Marketing Manager - EMEA

Corporate Management

Sean J. Dolan

President and Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Robert A. Kalainikas

Chief Financial Officer

Brian G. Holland

General Counsel and Secretary

Michael K. Fox

Senior Vice President - Enterprise Solutions and Product Management

Paul Renucci

President, Global Knowledge - EMEA

Lawrence Franco

President, Global Knowledge - Canada