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Decision Briefs


Our decision briefs will help you take well-informed decisions for improved productivity and enhanced efficiency. 

We understand the fact that the decision makers want to take good decisions to evolve their businesses, therefore, we have developed some decision briefs outlining the latest topics/technologies with adequate information. Our decision briefs cover big data and business intelligence, cloud computing, business transformation, IT service management and other combined briefs.

Big Data


Business Transformation

How to Use Social Media in IT Support

Shifting Customer Preferences and Organizational Agility

Six Steps to Improve Your Business Transformation Projects

Cloud Computing

Cloud Success Requires New IT Roles

Cloud Computing as a Business Model

Cloud Computing Risk Management

Controlling Cloud's Undesirable Side Effects

Five Steps to Improve Cloud Computing Financial Management

Focus on a Balanced Portfolio of Metrics for Cloud Computing

How ITIL Helps Cloud Computing

How to Confidently Decide to Adopt Cloud Computing

How to Make Change Management Your Cloud Computing and DevOps On-Ramp

How to Manage Public Cloud Security

Impact of Cloud Computing on Staffing

Improve Cloud Computing Service Quality with Five Simple Questions

Six Steps to Realizing Your Cloud Strategy

When to Adopt Cloud Computing

ITIL® & IT Service Management

How ITIL Helps Cloud Computing

The ITIL Mission Statement: Key to Better Services