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Microsoft Cloud Solution Booster (MCSB) Program


A Microsoft-based end-to-end cloud solutions program

Despite some organizations may be able to see the potential gains for adopting Microsoft cloud solutions, the individuals concerned may not be fully-aware of what exactly they need in order to implement the best-fit for their organizations and employees to reduce the capital costs and increase business flexibility. Some organizations do not even attempt to implement Microsoft cloud solutions needed, because the managers involved are afraid that they are simply incapable of successfully implementing them. This is understandable, therefore, we are introducing “Microsoft Cloud Solution Booster (MCSB) Program” to help organizations to adopt the right solution(s) and be equipped with the skills needed. The program aims at providing the right Microsoft cloud platform and productivity through Microsoft cloud solutions.  

The ability to adopt the Microsoft cloud products smoothly is essential for the organization’s survival, in which reduce the capital costs and increase business flexibility. Attempts to adopt Microsoft Cloud solutions often struggle, because the initiative is confined to those who have sufficient knowledge to take a strategic decision(s) and the IT teams who have limited cloud knowledge and techniques. Hence, the “Microsoft Cloud Solution Booster (MCSB) Program” aims at providing Microsoft cloud solutions; cloud platform and cloud productivity - Win Azure and Office 365 - to the organizations intend to transform the way the work. In addition, the “Microsoft Cloud Solution Booster (MCSB) Program” focuses on giving both; the decision makers and IT professionals the knowledge, skills needed to make a decision and operate Microsoft cloud solutions. In other words, an end-to-end cloud program from the licensing till developing the skills of the IT teams who will operate.

The “Microsoft Cloud Solution Booster (MCSB) Program” is developed to identify the business needs, budgetary limitations and current cloud knowledge and skills to concisely deploy the best-fit cloud solutions, modules and features of Microsoft Windows Azure and Office 365 products. This will be coupled with consulting, business analysis, architecting, deploying, testing and finally, training services - which will be involved in each phase of the 4-phase program. 

If you have the limitations below, then Microsoft Cloud Solution Booster (MCSB) Program
is the right solution for you; 

- High infrastructure costs.
- Limited data-center capacity. 
- Hard to replicate production testing.
- Cannot remotely run the office applications to be shared by remote users on all devices.
- Multiple authentication for end users.
- Extensive and expensive IT management.Talk To Us- Complex environment to manage.- Limited number of users due to high costs.
- Data growth and data management complexity backup issues.
- Untested disaster recovery.
- Hard to predict resources required for a Mobile app.
- Don’t have the skills required for effective cloud solutions operation and management.

How it works: 

1- One-on-one meetings to discover the business strategy and analyze the needs of the interested organizations, coupled with elementary cloud training, designed specifically for the decision makers and Program Managers.
2- Establish assessments, presales activities, service design and subscription guidance, coupled with customized cloud training.
3- Stabilize the selected solution deployment, cloud transition and testing services, this also will be coupled with cloud training programs for those who are concerned. 
4- Provide 24/7 support and health check services. 
5- Deliver Microsoft cloud training courses to the IT Engineers and Admins who will operate Microsoft cloud solutions on a daily basis.

Program aims:

- Help organizations to develop a clear understanding of how Microsoft cloud solutions will affect the way they will be required to work.
- Help organizations to understand the consequences that the new cloud solutions have for their ability to reduce the capital costs and increase business flexibility.
- Provide the decision makers an opportunity to be involved in the planning of the change, moving to Microsoft cloud. 
- Provide Microsoft customized training courses to develop more relevant insights, techniques and knowledge. 

Why Global Knowledge:

- The only authorized Microsoft partner who can deliver an end-to-end cloud solution, one stop shop.
- The only authored Microsoft learning partner for Microsoft Cloud Academy in Egypt.
- A Microsoft award-winning gold learning provider;
     - Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist, 2015. 
     - Microsoft YouthSpark Citizen Partner of the Year, 2015. 
     - Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year Finalist, 2014. 
     - Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year, 2013. 
- A Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform competency holder. 
- A Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity competency holder.