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The Windows Intune cloud service enables you to centrally manage and secure PCs through a single web-based console so you can keep your computers, IT staff, and users operating at peak performance from virtually anywhere without compromising the essentials-cost, control, security, and compliance. The Springboard Series is your destination for technical resources, free tools, and expert guidance to ease the evaluation and deployment of Windows Intune in your organization.

Windows Intune offers cloud-based mobile device management, allows companies to integrate Windows Intune with their Active Directory Domain Services environment, and enables users to access self-service portals to download approved applications and register and manage their mobile devices.

The new Windows Intune added support for Windows 8 Professional (x86 and x64 architectures), Microsoft Surface Pro. , Microsoft Surface, Windows RT devices and Windows Phone 8 devices. Also now Windows Intune supports iPad and iPad2, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android-based phones and mobile devices. Administration is done via a web browser. The administration console based on Microsoft Silverlight v3.0 allows Intune to invoke remote tasks such as malware scans. A Silverlight 3.0 compatible Internet Browser is required. In addition, the administrator must have a Windows Live ID. Since version 2.0, installation of software packages in .exe, .msi and .msp format are supported. Installations are encrypted and compressed on Windows Azure Storage. Software installation can begin upon login. It can record and administrate volume, retail and OEM licenses, and licenses which are administered by third parties. Upgrades to newer versions of the Intune software are also controlled.

Information about inventory is recorded automatically. Managed computers can be grouped together when problems occur. Intune notifies support staff as well as notifying an external dealer via e-mail.

With Windows Intune You Can:

  • Grow revenue. Realize new economic opportunities-from Windows deployments and managed services to recurring sales revenue for each Windows Intune subscription you sell.
  • Increase efficiency. Help your customers reduce costs, maximize their IT resources, and streamline operations.
  • Drive customer satisfaction. Deliver the best Windows experience, and be the cloud expert your customers rely on when they need assistance
  • BYOD Enabled: Use Windows Intune to give employees access to the resources and applications they need on the devices they choose without increasing complexity.
  • Unified Infrastructure: Manage PCs and multiple types of mobile devices in one unified solution, either through the cloud or by extending your existing on-premises infrastructure
  • Integrated Management: Support multiple devices with Windows Intune-including Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android platforms-without adding infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Security: Whether using corporate or employee-owned devices, Windows Intune helps provide a security-enhanced environment with comprehensive update and policy management.

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